How to choose a fox fur coat ?

Are you looking to buy a fox fur coat? Find below some tips for choosing the right jacket or coat for you. An exclusive selection of coats at the lowest prices is available on the Fourrure Privée website.

Defining the desired model

Like any other clothing, fur coats come in different cuts. If you are after a more “classic” look, you could try a traditional cut which remains timeless and elegant.

If you are looking for a more modern and trendy look then go for the more structured cut worked into bands; the line and your figure appear thinner as the mass of fur is distributed and therefore the “ball” side is avoided. A vest can also be a good compromise as it can be worn for any occasion.

Veste de renard noir

Black Fox jacket

Define the length of the fur

In terms of length, three options are available to you. First of all the long coat, this is the most sought after due to the fact that it perfectly characterises the “chic” and “refined” side of fur; however it is the most expensive because it requires a lot of pelts to make it. This winter, very long coats are back in fashion.

The three-quarter length coat is the perfect partner as it warm but equally provides a style which is easy to wear. The flagship model is, for example, the splendid white arctic fox, available to buy on Fourrure Privée. This shade perfectly suits any occasion, whether during the day, night or for evening dinner!

Fourrure Renard Polaire

Polar Fox Fur

Finally, why not also choose a vest? It is very easy to wear and comes in all forms and colours. The most recent model which is currently in the limelight is the small straight vest with three-quarter length sleeves and small collar which goes well in winter with a nice pair of leather gloves with high cuffs. You can wear them as an outfit for during the day or night; vests are an item of clothing for any moment in time.

Check the origin of the fur

Try and stick to furs which are European in origin; the pelts are carefully examined under a magnifying glass before being validated by fur experts and then transformed into a high quality coat. Note that Fourrure-Privée only offers European-bred furs.

Choosing the right colour

The fox has many different natural colours; silver, white and gold being the most sought after amongst them. There are also vests and coats in fox fur in shades of black, blue, red and green, as well as many others.

Veste de Renard Gold

Gold Fox jacket

Finally, it is useful to know that fox fur vests and coats are very cold-resistant, the reason for which being that fox fur very valued all over the world, including some of the coldest regions on the planet.