The top 3 quality mink jackets of Saga Furs

The mink jacket is an iconic item of clothing which completes a glamorous winter look. If you do not own a genuine mink jacket, these top 3 available at Fourrure Privée will make your mouth water !

Jacket 1: The mauve mink jacket

Saga Furs is one of the largest fur labels which offer light and flexible mink fur that is also of a very high quality.

Veste de Vison Mauve

Mauve mink jacket

As fashion has tended towards colours this winter, a mauve mink jacket is the ideal item of clothing to revive your winter look! Its three-quarter length sleeves mean that it can be worn during autumn as well as in the winter whilst providing you with the best comfort.

Jacket 2: The short, black mink jacket

The black fur jacket is a fundamental of fur; if you are new to buying fur, black mink is an excellent choice. This jacket can be worn anywhere and will accompany you throughout the winter whilst providing you with femininity and glamour.

Veste en Vison Noire

Black Mink Jacket

The advantage with short fur jackets is that you can wear them with anything- a dress or trousers- without giving you an older appearance.

Jacket 3: The red mink jacket

The red mink jacket is the key element to make you stand out this winter! This zippered coat is perfect for creating a modern yet elegant look which is enhanced by the red-brown fur that adds a touch of radiance to your complexion.

Veste en Vison Roux

Red mink Jacket

It is important to note that all of the mink fur jackets at Fourrure Privée come with a Certificate of Authenticity which proves that even at a very affordable price, it is possible to obtain high quality fur!