Protect Yourself from the Cold !

Throughout the country winter has arrived and there is nothing better than fur to protect from having to suffer the terrible cold. Fox, mink or even chinchilla fur; simple or colourful; fur invites itself into our wardrobes to provide us with utmost pleasure. One simple watchword: warmth!

Fur coat or jacket

The fur coat or jacket is an essential item of clothing for the entirety of the winter. Buy your fur coat from our selection of quality coats at the Saga Furs label.

You will find the coat that best fits in with the colours of your wardrobe. Go for a fur coat in beige if you tend to wear more natural colours; the boldest of people will go for colours, for example with a Royal Saga green fox fur jacket; the flashy fur coat is very much in trend this season.

Veste en Renard Vert Royal Saga

Shapka fur hat or woollen hat with a fur pompom

A little touch of fur here, a little touch there, the shapka fur hat or woollen hat with fur will give you more of a “wild” side and will add a touch of chic to your outfit.

The famous Russian hat is regularly worn by the great adventurer of the far north, Nicolas Vanier, and even by the American star Pharrell Williams. Both of these people, with complete different styles, have become ambassadors of this very fashionable hat with sections covering the ears for a trapper look.

Chapka Fourrure Lapin

A different style from the shapka hat is the woollen hat with fur pompom; this hat is available for sale on our online store. More discreet than the shapka hat, the woollen hat is the flagship hat this winter. For men or for women, you will love wearing it.

Bonnet Laine et Pompom

Gloves, mittens or hand-warmers

If you are looking to give an original touch to your outfit, you should look more for a fur accessory; discover real fur mittens, gloves and hand-warmers on our site. There is a fur accessory for every style. Easy to pair with a fur coat or jacket, it is the fine details that will hit the nail on the head.

Chauffe-Mains Fourrure

Fur has no more secrets to reveal to you! So give in to an item which will keep you warm throughout the whole of winter. For a unique item or a little touch here and there, it is impossible not to profit from our sales and private sales available exclusively on our website: