What does the “Origin Assured” label signify?

The OA (Origin Assured) label came into being in 2008, developed by the IFTP (International Fur Trade Federation) in partnership with the 4 main professional fur sales companies in the world (NAFA, Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Furs, American Legend). The OA label aims to regulate animal breeding (OA Farmed Fur) whilst establishing standards for the welfare and treatment of these animals.

These standards can be found through the type of feed used, the living environment, and the humane slaughter of animals etc…

Que signifie le label "Origin Assured" ?

A lesser known (because the fur farm supplies more than 85% of the market)fact is that the OA label also oversees the production of wild fur, Wild Fur OA, through the intervention, for example, in the process of trapping animals, which must be done without cruelty to the animals.

This label therefore offers the consumer a full guarantee of the origin and the traceability of the fur, thanks to the very strict framework on the treatment of animals regardless of whether it comes from a farm or from the wild. In addition, be aware that the welfare of these influences the final quality of the fur.

This is part of what distinguishes today’s American and Northern European origin fur pelts, to those of Chinese origin for example.


The OA label oversees more than 30 different types of fur therefore when buying your fur the label must either appear independently (separate label) or be integrated into other quality labels (for example Saga Furs or Kopenhagen Furs). Finally, fur can only claim this label if it is made up of 100% “Origin Assured” pelts.