An Eskimo in the City !

Are you looking for a comfortable and elegant fur coat? You will definitely succumb to the warmth and cosiness of a fur hood; it is the most important item this winter ! Following on from our article on the sleeveless fur jacket, discover the hooded fur coat. The hood is the detail which changes everything; it keeps you warm whilst adding charm to your coat.

The Hooded Fur Coat

The cosy look is extremely trendy this season thanks to hooded fur coats which make you feel good.

Manteau Vison avec Capuche

Comfortable and with a chic and feminine look, indulge in buying one of our real fur hooded coats. You will be able to choose from a large range on our online store.

Model Cara Delevingne’s Hood

The model Cara Delevingne can change from chic to mismatched in a flash, she has marvellously taken to the hooded fur coat. Seen in New York after having shone at the Victoria’s Secret show, Cara Delevingne played the eskimos, her head buried in her huge hood decorated in fur.

Cara Delevingne Capuche Fourrure

On the catwalks, models in black hooded fur looked as if they had come from out of the jungle, and those with white fur looked as though they had come from the Himalayas. The fur hood brings about both a wild and chic side!

To brave the cold, opt for a fur coat equipped with a hood; also arm yourself with a pair of sheepskin mittens to ensure that your hands and head will stay warm.