A touch of fur in a room and everything changes !

Whether in the form of cushions, blankets or rugs, with fur, your home is warm and very inviting ! Multiple choices are at your fingertips to add a touch of fur here and there which will make your room unique. Amongst the many features that instantly bring that touch of class you will find cushions, blankets and rugs.

Cushions can be made from a variety of furs, whether that is rabbit, fox, coyote and even mink you will have a chic edge with a reasonable budget. However, one tip to take note of: ensure that you look at the quality of your purchase as the longevity of your cushion will depend on the fur utilised, its origin and its place of manufacture.

Slightly more expensive but awfully beautiful is the fur blanket, which will enhance your interior. You will have a prestigious living room or even a magnificent bedroom all whilst affirming your originality and personality.

Do be careful though, the price of a blanket can be high depending on the fur used to make it. Therefore, as with cushions, make sure you check the quality of fur used (origin, manufacturer etc.) because a blanket made of an average fur will give a disappointing result.

A blanket can be made utilising all types of fur: fox, rabbit and even coyote. You can discover all of these models in our online store (under the Decoration heading). For less than €600 you can buy a beautiful rabbit fur blanket which will fit perfectly in your home.

Of very high quality, this fur blanket will both keep you warm and stand the test of time. Other equally trendy models are available and exist in various different furs, sizes and also in different colours.

And finally, the last element of decoration- the rug. Once again, the choice is varied; they can be made in natural or coloured sheepskin. This rug can be used either at the foot of your bed or simply placed on the ground as a point of colour, or even thrown across a chair, it is completely up to you. Again, pay attention to the origin (tanning quality) and the type of sheepskin as there are multiple varieties with disparate qualities.

Rugs can also be made of natural cowhide; they are as varied in colour as they are easy to match. In fact they will adapt to all of your rooms- the entrance to your home, underneath your coffee table or dining room table and also in your bedroom or office.

If you are looking for an even more sophisticated cowhide rug you could choose a carpet with cowhide; the variety of style, size, colour and shape of these carpets is infinite. You can let your imagination loose and you will be spoiled for choice as we are able make these items to measure.... Some pieces are so beautiful that they can be put on the wall like paintings.

Whichever you decide to buy fur cushion, blanket or rug, fur will bring a glamorous note to your home which will never leave your guests feeling indifferent about your interior design choice… so go ahead, spoil yourself!