Mink: technics and manufacture

For a long time the major star of fur, mink, has been symbol of luxury and softness; it possesses the great power of attractiveness and femininity.

Europe accounts for nearly 70% of the global production and Denmark is the leading producer. The proportion of male and female mink pelts used is approximately equal; if the female mink is principally used in the manufacturing of clothes, the male mink is mainly used in the production of fur accessories (shoes, hats, fur bags etc.).

Mink can be worked in many ways, but combined with today’s new technologies its natural qualities, such as its softness, can be increased greatly, whilst also developing new features such as a lighter weight of the pelt. This now provides the ability to benefit from mink fur jackets and coats which are very easy to wear, even outside of the winter months.

In short, the heavy coats of our ancestors are obsolete.

For a number of years, the research and manufactural offices of Saga Furs, and also of Kopenhagen Fur have developed a number of new, different techniques of working (crochet, double-sided, 3D etc.). The most traditional method remains the galloon technique, working stretched out full pelts.

The galloon technique is a method which consists of inserting strips of leather or suede in fur to give a smoother appearance. This technique allows you to make a lighter and less bulky garment.


 The work of full mink pelts is a technique which consists of linking entire pelts (the most beautiful ones) with linear seams; it is a difficult technique which requires experience and mastery but it does take much less time than the extension technique for example, which proves to be more delicate in its implementation.

vison en pleines peaux

The technique of work extensions consists of making “V” incisions in the skin to obtain long and narrow strips of between 5mm and 1cm wide. These strips are then assembled and sewn together so they are out of sight. This highly demanding technique gives a result of very high consistency and offers a garment with unparalleled flexibility.

technique d'allonge