After New York and London… Milan and Paris announce the colour of autumn/winter

Paris has just brought the fashion weeks of autumn/winter 2015/16 to a close. In fact, after the Milan fashion shows which were held from the 25th February to the 2nd March, and the Paris shows which took place from the 3rd to the 11th March, the trends which have already been noticed in New York and London have been confirmed; fur will clearly be present to keep you warm all throughout next autumn and winter.

As we have already explained in our article on fashions weeks in New York and London, shades of black and autumnal colours will be a must, along with large and long coats, sheepskin, touches of fur in the form of shawls, small cloaks, and large collars thrown over the shoulder in a 70s style.

It is possible to find all of these elements in the fashion shows of major designers such as Fendi which has once again shown how they hold fur in high regard through presenting a show of complete beauty, of which the artistic director is none other than Karl Lagerfeld.

Large and long coats were on show such as the magnificent fox fur coat and fur with blends of dark and elegant tones.

Marni also presented their collections, where fur becomes an ornament adorning the sleeves of a coat or a shawl, or overlapping such as the long patchwork mink coat in shades of brown.

Dsquared marked the more casual side through a leisurely item of fur worn as an accessory finishing off a very stylish outfit with panache!

In Paris we gladly watched the show of the (young) Danish designer house, Old Yde, which presented chic, modern and feminine outfits.

And of course, the great names of French high fashion, as well as many other designers, offered us a delightful spectacle glorifying women and making them beautiful in a naturally elegant, simple and distinguished effort.

In the weeks to come, we will be waiting with great anticipation for the winter high fashion shows which we will soon discover after the men’s winter fashion shows!