Fourrure-Privée was at MIFUR 2015

This event was essential to witness the complete choice of upcoming collections; the Fourrure-Privée team were there again at the International Fur Fair in Milan which was held from the 3rd to the 6th March. Here is a quick summary of our visit.

The MIFUR is an exclusive trade show which brings together all the major players in the world of fur, and it was within the grounds of the Fiera Milano Centre this year that MIFUR celebrated 20 years.


This year MIFUR had a total of 180 exhibitors: 95 from Italy and 78 from other countries in the world. To celebrate its 20th year, MIFUR planned two major events: the first which took place on the 3rd of March, was the “Italian Fur Fashion Night”, an evening carried out by the high fashion designers of Palazzo Serbelloni.

The second was the presentation of the book “Furever”, which was held at the Bianco Mangiare restaurant on the 5th March. This book charts the progress of the fur sector in terms of production, technology and fashion.

As every year, MIFUR looks to the future by introducing new designers who have been discovered thanks to the International Remix Contest by Vogue Italy and Vogue Talent. The fashion show and the awards took place on the 4th March in the centre of Pelota in Milan.

Visitors were numerous, coming from all over the world, of course including European countries but also Asian countries, the Balkans and Russia. However, there was a significant decline in the presence of Russian buyers because of the sharp fall of the rouble.


All of the major fashion houses were of course present, Avanti Furs, Braschi, Fureco, Fontani, Manzari, Manzoni 24, Rindi, Romagna Furs, Sprung Frères, Tsoukas Bros and many more …

We also noted a very strong presence of mink fur in all forms: jackets, windbreakers, gilets, coats, cloaks and wide-brimmed hats- as well as astrakhan far exceeding fox fur, although less visible this year due to very large “yeti” coats. Trending colours are duck green, blue, oranges and all the classic types of autumnal colours.

In 2015/2016 there will be a lot of jackets and coats mixing mink and astrakhan fur, mink and leather, fox and leather, and astrakhan and fox. A notable collection comes from Fontani, the “Double Side” collection exhibits superb reversible coats and jackets.

A little less extravagance can be noticed in comparison to the styles of previous years, but instead there was enormous technical work and pelt assembling efforts. The models were chic, feminine and very elegant in sure and timeless colours.

In short, the 2015/2016 season will again be assured of a great vintage!