How to properly store your fur ?

Fur can keep its original appearance for decades, on the condition that it is well looked after. In fact, fur is a fragile material that must be treated with care. In this sense, the way you store it must not be neglected.

Three dangers you must know about

Humidity attracts moisture and causes a stale odor that is very difficult to get rid of. Sunlight is to be avoided because it causes decoloration of the hairs, due to the ultraviolet rays. Then there are moths and other pests which can directly attack the fur.

The best place to store your fur

Fur needs to be stored in a place where it is suspended without creases and without touching the ground. The ideal way is to store it in a wardrobe, a cabinet or a cupboard, on a wooden hanger, both large and solid. It is necessary that the area is aired to avoid stale odors.

Good ventilation is vital

Good air circulation is important and this is the reason why you must leave empty space between each item of clothing. If you store your fur in a cupboard, be sure to open the door from time to time. The ideal place would be an area where there is no door, in order to control the air humidity and avoid the built of moisture.

Avoid sunlight

Fur needs to be stored in a dark place, away from the sun’s rays. In fact, the ultraviolet rays cause oxidization of colors. This results in yellowing and fading, an unfortunately irreversible damage. An interesting alternative is to use a cover. In this case, completely avoid plastic sheets;  only use cotton or natural linen sheets.

Keep moths and other pests away

Moths and beetles are pests, which you must avoid at all costs. Absolutely avoid chemical spray products in general, it is better to use natural solutions.

So, by spreading it out well on your hanger, in sheets, well separated from other clothes, you will prolong the beauty of your fur for a long time in complete confidence. You will rediscover it all throughout winter, then once put away from last season… winter after winter it will remain in a perfect state for your greatest joy and pleasure.