The Spring/ Summer 2014 trend, fur is in the spotlight

We are normally used to putting fur away before the summer season; from now on you can wear it all year round, even in the summer. This is a trend noted by many of the greatest fashion designers in the world.

For some time fur has been making its comeback, to the point where major brands are ready to show it off as their centrepiece in the spring/ summer 2014 collection.

Fur for all seasons

The advantage of fur is that it is a clothing component that goes everywhere; it can be worn with a very feminine look, and as fur fits well with all styles, it can also go with an androgynous look.

Prada printemps-été 2014 à la Fashion Week de Milan

This season, fur was present in numerous catwalks, for example in the Milan Fashion Week. There is fur in the new Prada, Sonia Rykiel and MiuMiu collections, the latter being a brand that has been able to impose its reputation thanks to its chic and offbeat style.

Seasonal fur colours

We often have the habit of wearing black fur coats, white mink jackets or even gilets with very dark colours; this season however, every colour of fur is awaiting you from green and orange, to blue, yellow or red.

Obviously we have to dare to wear fur, the action of wearing something with fur requires a lot of care and especially confidence as fur grants a certain presence and certain allure.

Fourrures d'été

A little tip to take note of, if you do not want to wear fur jackets or coats then opt for a little touch of fur which accentuates your chic side, a Courchevel leather and brown sheepskin bag for example.

Michael Kors did not hesitate to exhibit his fur jackets with high-waisted shorts and high heels- simply glamourous!