50 Shades of Grey in Fur !

Smoked, charcoal, light or dark, shades of grey are not lacking. Neither too strict like black nor too pure like white, grey is a very appealing colour. It’s a colour that suits fur or accessories and very fashionable in decoration for a rug or cushion.

Timeless, grey is a flagship colour, which allows you to play on contrasts. Discover the best of our 100% grey or toned goods

Grace and elegance of mink

Mink is eternally feminine. A long mink sapphire-grey waistcoat is the guarantee of a fur that will endure. So much of this material, like this long waistcoat, has been created from approved mink skin “Saga Furs”, but also in its form and its cut because it is timeless.


Grey-blue tuscany lamb hat

Put a touch of grey into your accessories. With this ravishing hat made out of lamb from Tuscany, you will be playing with the art of seduction. Its style is young and also it is entirely lined with fur, so it will protect you very well from the cold.

Chapeau en Agneau Gris

Grey reversed sheepskin mittens.

Very contemporary, mittens have the advantage of being warm while leaving your hands free. Therefore, you can freely use your phone all whilst having the satisfaction of admiring your sublime manicure. These grey mittens are made from velvet and lamb fur.

Mitaines en Velours et Fourrure d'Agneau

Merino grey sheepskin.

Put a touch of softness in your home. Made from merino sheepskin, this magnificent grey coloured sheepskin is of a very beautiful quality, the fur is profound and very soft. You could place it at the foot of your bed or as a decoration in a living room or hallway.

Peau Mouton Gris

Grey cowhide rug

This superb 170x 230cm rug is the essential element of decoration that will dress your room. Putting a rug of this type on the ground immediately brightens up your room all while bringing a chic and welcoming touch. The tone of grey lets you experiment with all combinations from beige to black and match it with other colours.

Tapis en peau de vache gris

Grey and brown cowhide cushion

When it comes to darker essential features, you could add a touch of decoration thanks to this grey and brown cushion. Very elegant on a sofa, even blending with other cushions, or as a paired decoration on your bed, it brightens up your interior with style.

Coussin en peau de vache gris

Grey is a perfect colour because it can be mixed with other colours. In the world of fur you find it in a natural state in many shades (grey mink, silver fox, chinchilla, etc…) but don’t hesitate, treat yourself, wear it, decorate, grey makes up one of these rare colours that you never get bored of.