Understanding how to look after rabbit fur

Rabbit fur is definitely the most well known and most distributed fur to the general public. Used both for clothing and decoration, it is a truly affordable fur; it adds a little allure to an outfit or warmth to your home- it is, in any case, an ideal and easy fur to buy. However, can we say that there is only one type of rabbit fur? Fourrure-Privée provides you with some answers.

If the use of rabbit fur dates back to the Middle Ages, then it has been over time that rabbit breeding has become more specialised, in order to acquire more beautiful rabbits for better size and colour. From the common rabbit (Garenne rabbit, "Oryctolagus cuniculus") breeders have managed to create species of rabbits which are very balanced and which are far removed from basic rabbit fur.

Mixtures happen quickly and it is sometimes difficult to understand the difference in cost between a jacket bought for a few dozen euros with a large emblem, and a lot smaller decorative item which is more expensive but of a very high quality. On one hand we have pelts of a poorer quality coming from China and around Asia, and on the other hand European rabbit pelts which have been bred under strict controls and have gone through rigorous referencing to give the best possible product. The customer will certainly be able to tell the difference if the two types of products are compared, and additionally over time the customer will start to notice the difference in quality (loss of hair, loss of gloss, dry leather and more).

From all of the different varieties we have designated three which are particularly noteworthy.

The long haired pelt

As the name would suggest, the long haired pelt has much longer, softer and thicker hair. It comes in the following colours: brown, grey and black- and each of these colours has many variations. A long haired pelt is particularly magnificent for blankets and decorative pillows which can enhance the softness and quality of this beautiful fur.

The Rex rabbit

The most common and natural colour of the rex rabbit is grey. This is very similar to the chinchilla because of the grey patches, on the back of the animals, and white patches, on the sides of the animals; it really is an incredibly soft fur. It is often called the Rex chinchilla to denote the grey rex rabbit, here we are only describing the colour but there is above all an incredible velvety softness. This softness is due to the selection process of the grey rabbits, and spontaneous genetic mutation which gives a thick fluffy fur that is also dense and short, having the appearance of velvet and consistency of fine eiderdown.

Orylag fur

Veste courte en Orylag

Orylag is an exceptional type of fur. We wrote a specific article about this high quality French rabbit, originating from French scientific and agricultural research (read the article we dedicated to this). It is the star of rabbits!

The quality of the fur is so good that it is used in the design of clothing or high-end accessories, and major luxury brands very interested in it. "Orylag" is a patented French brand.

The right things to do to look after rabbit fur

Whether you have got a fur coat made from rabbit or another fur the same principle applies, when you store it away make sure that it is hung on wide hangers so as not to break the leather. After that, think about the best place to store your fur. Make sure that this place is not exposed to heat or light, otherwise you risk oxidation, tarnishing or the hairs to develop moths. A cool and ventilated place is perfect for storage. And also, remember to place your fur in a cotton cover only, avoid using plastic at all costs!

If you find that your rabbit fur has been splashed by water, you must ensure that you thoroughly dry it. In order to do this, the best thing would be to place it in a well ventilated room and let it dry naturally. For safety reasons it is very important to keep it away from smoke, fumes and fragrance.

In order to properly clean your rabbit fur, we recommend that you use the service of a professional each year. Only a professional will be able to bring the necessary technique for a real deep clean which will restore shine and volume to the fur. However, for routine maintenance, feel free to do one-off cleaning sessions.

Grandmother’s techniques are effective to clean a fur garment, however ensure that it is placed on a flat surface facing upwards before doing anything. Stains should be removed quickly with a cloth and a little talcum powder; avoid rubbing to prevent damaging the material.

Rabbit fur is a type of fur that does not require special care and attention; it is an easy fur to wear as it is aesthetically pleasing and yet not too ostentatious. As with any fur, it deserves softness, care and control, these traits will prove to be the best way to guarantee the preservation of your fur. No matter how long you keep it for, it will continue to delight you as it did the first day you bought it.