Sheepskin is popular this winter !

Whichever model you choose, traditional cut or available in a Perfecto type cut, it’s difficult this season to work around woolly skin. With your coat or jacket in sheepskin, you will spend a winter smoothly and in all serenity. But you still have to know how to wear it well ... here are some tips to wear your sheepskin coat in a simple but stylish way!

The different styles to adopt with a sheepskin

The woolen coat or jacket is reinvented each season to meet the trend of the moment. It is very easy to wear on a daily basis and it is absolutely necessary to harmonize its look to be both: sport and chic.

To respect a beautiful line, you can wear a shirt or a light sweater associated with skinny jeans or leather pants, or a skirt. In fact, it is preferable to wear light clothes because since the woolen skin is very warm and well covering, a little lightness will bring more harmony to your outfit.

This principle also applies to color, it is advisable to wear shirts with a sober, camel or black shade. The total white look is very elegant. Play on the colors of the accessories, always in a neutral tone, to bring relief to the outfit.

Accessories to use with sheepskin

Wearing a woolen coat rhymes with winter, so it is normal that the accessories are also made to keep warm. For a sporty look, favor the mittens in Lamb and Fox for a crisp outfit. They are pretty and trendy! Feel free to wear a ribbed knit hat scarf.

The scarf brings a touch of originality and helps keep you warm. Beret or hat, chapka or earmuff, there are many models in this style. Pay attention to the choice of your shoes, these are essential elements that can spoil or enhance all the harmony of the whole.

The flat ankle boots are stylish and comfortable, they go well with a woolen coat. Heeled moccasins and furry boots are also nice alternatives but offer a more mountain look. We generally associate this clothing look with a large bag that comes in various models. Appreciate the half moon messenger bag for a trendy look or the shoulder strap for a young style. Some will opt for the classic bowling bag for a classic look or finally a beautiful leather backpack to rejuvenate the line