To each morphology its style

When you buy a fur coat, you try to validate several criteria that you have set for yourself. Despite all this, are you sure that the model of your dreams corresponds to your body type? If you want to check it out, check out some thoughts below to help you avoid pitfalls and make sure you've found the perfect fur!


It often happens that you want a piece that does not always match your morphology. Sometimes you want a long fur coat because you imagine yourself totally protected from the cold all over your body. However, with fur, size is of paramount importance. Extra long coats are only suitable for people over three feet tall, otherwise they will disappear under the bulk of the fur. If you are shorter, prefer a mid-length coat. So your figure will be preserved and if your waist is thin, take the opportunity to emphasize it with a belt. When it comes to the choice of jackets, if you are slim and tall, you can afford everything including short jackets - waist - with round neck which are feminine and very flattering. On the other hand, if you are a little wide on the hips, choose jackets with a cut that goes below the buttocks. You will compensate with a beautiful collar or even a beautiful hood lined with fur to balance the line.


Just like the length, the cut is important. A thin body type can wear any type of cut, a rounder body shape will avoid lines that are too flared. If you already have several furs, you have all the choices. Indulge yourself the range of choices is impressive. Simple straight line or crossed version, anything is possible. If, on the other hand, you only have one or two furs, or even none, choose simple lines, a trapeze-shaped coat, straight cut, long sleeve or even reversible or removable coats or jackets that will allow you to enjoy them throughout. the year. 


As for the colors, the sober tones are immutable and timeless (black, brown, gray) the palette is immense because there are large variations in each of the colors. For a more original look, dare the colored models or even better a model made in intarsia, a kind of painting whose work is extraordinary. Some natural colors work best with your skin tone or hair color.

It's all a matter of taste, but when it comes to fur, it is important to focus on certain small details so that you feel good in your coat or jacket and that the fur shows off you.