How to maitain fur coats ?

Fur needs to be maintained to make sure it lasts a long time; a high quality fur coat has an average lifespan of about twenty years - this period can be longer depending on the type of fur. To keep it intact, it needs specific actions and care so that it does not get damaged.

If you have a fur coat or a fur accessory, remember to clean it once a year. It is worth noting that nothing beats professional leather and fur cleaning (an important tip is to remember not dry clean them), however here are some techniques that you can do at home.

Fur cleaning techniques

It is important firstly to point out that fur does not wash well in water like other clothes, in addition the type of cleaning depends on the its condition. Fur can easily be cleaned with products that are readily available throughout the home. Any treatment done on the fur must be whilst it is dry; if your fur does get wet you must first let it dry in the open, away from any source of heat.

For a simple and easy clean for your fur coat or jacket, simply sprinkle some good quality talcum powder on the fur and rub all over by hand. Once finished, gently shake the fur to remove an excess traces or residues of the cleaning agent. For a deeper treatment, you can leave the powder on overnight for the product to work more effectively.

If your fur ever manages to become dirtier, wipe with a well-wrung cloth lightly dampened with turpentine. This product will immediately remove the stains; it is important to then go over the coat or jacket with a damp cloth and then lay it flat on a towel to dry.

Precautions to take

Despite the fact that fur is thick, it is still delicate and does require a lot of attention. Fur coats, even with real fur can still lose their hair. To overcome this, you can place your fox, mink or rabbit coat in the freezer, wrapped in a cotton cover for a few hours (a maximum of 4-5 hours).

This technique will ensure that the hairs are well fixed in place. Be careful however, a freezer is not a storage place for your fur! During the months that you will not be wearing it, think about storing it on a wide, non-metallic hanger in a cool, dry environment (between 8 and 11 degrees Celsius) which is well protected from light to avoid any risk of oxidation of the colour of your fur.

Also avoid spraying it with perfume or aerosols as this could damage the individual hairs. Likewise try and avoid jewellery or brooches which will leave marks and flatten the fur.

And finally, in the case that your fur feels moist, clean it with a thick layer of baking soda and let it stand for several hours. This composition has deodorising and cleaning properties.