Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA : who are they ?

Everyone has heard of Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur and NAFA, but who are they ? What is their function ? What do these companies bring to consumers in the world of fur ?

For decades the world of fur has been structured; many breeders have been brought together by associations in order to create co-operatives and therefore have given rise to bodies such as Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur and also NAFA (North American Fur Auctions), to mention only a few of the main and more importantly best known entities.

Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA : qui sont ils ?

These cooperatives buy skins from registered breeders and members and then sell through an auction system to professional buyers; these are often major designers at the international scale. For the most part, it is this law of supply and demand which regulates the market price of fur each year.

Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA : Qui sont ils ?

This merging of cooperatives allows each company to have their own criteria for the selection of pelts. These criteria are very precise and are established according to extremely demanding specifications such as: gender, size, quality, clarity, colour etc.), and can vary the price of raw pelt significantly depending on its final rankings. For the buyer, these selection criteria represent the guarantee of a coat or jacket with flawless quality. This guarantee will be a valuable asset, even in the case of a resale years later.

Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA : qui sont ils ?

These institutions have established their own research and design offices which are constantly innovative, using new ways of working with fur and new techniques (to cut back on certain pelts such as that of the male mink) and so on. They greatly influence fashion trends by offering new possibilities on the creational level. Finally, they are notably invested in ethics, especially the respect for the living conditions of animals by adopting the famous “OA” (Origin Assured) label, of which we have explained the origin, principle and function in a previous article.

In summary, owning a labelled item of fur clothing from one of the major designers is a mark of very high quality, synonymous with high fur. This guarantees the buyer a quality pelt which was the main concern from its production to its manufacture. This also justifies a higher price as compared to an item of fur that has no label.