How to recognise a female mink to a male mink ?

You wish to purchase a mink and you have heard of the difference in quality of fur between a female mink and a “male mink” yet you hesitate…

Here’s how to recognise them

As in nature in general, animals have a physical size which varies according to whether it is male or female; this is also the case with minks. The female mink is smaller and narrower than its male counterpart. 

Both coats are great, but the female mink’s was considered to be finer, more delicate, more supple and silky, and much lighter. Now, we can clearly say that science and technology have greatly improved male's pelts which have become much more finer and soft than it used to be.The question that arises principally regards the number of pelts required, because a coat or jacket made of female mink pelts will of course require more pelts than if male mink pelts were used, which is not without impact on the overall price.

Manteau de vison Female mink coat