Saga Furs in Colours !

Amongst the major designers in fur such as Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA, Blackgama and Saga Furs there is the desire to distinguish themselves in the fact that they all desire to create very high standards. These standards have been established in order for professionals to acquire well-defined pelts which guarantee the quality of the purchase.

These standards also have the aim of allowing the customer to be clear on their purchase; thus, thanks to the major design labels, the whole process from manufacturer to client is completely controlled and secured which equates to fur products of a very high quality. Each company has its own, individual level of classification, which depends on the gender, size, and level of hair density (quality) as well as the clarity and colour of the animal.

This leads us into the introduction of the relative colour classifications of Saga Furs. This company has a label benchmark and classification for mink, fox and fin raccoon.

A) Saga Furs finn raccoon colours

The Finn raccoon (or simply raccoon) is offered in a range of 3 different colours by Saga Furs: The Finn raccoon- the natural colour of the animal, The Arctic Finn raccoon- a beige colour with a dark line in the middle, and finally The White Finn raccoon- which as the name suggests is white in colour.

Palette de couleurs de Finnraccoon chez Saga Furs

Finnraccoon at Saga Furs

B) Saga Fox colours

The fox has a more robust palette of colours than that of the finn raccoon, as there are 22 different types! The different browns and beiges (lighter or darker with the presence or absence of the dark line in the centre) are that of the Golden Island Fox, Golden Island Shadow Fox, Gold Fox, Gold Cross Fox, Smokey Fox, Platinum Gold Fox and the Fawn Light Fox. The different greys (with a lighter or darker line in the middle) belong to the Blue Fox, Blue Frost Fox, Amber Frost Fox, Silver Fox, Platinum Fox, Artic Marble Fox, Sapphire Frost Fox, and the Shadow Blue Frost Fox. And finally we find the lighter colours (namely white and its derivatives) on the Blue Shadow Fox, Arctic Marble Frost Fox, Arctic Golden Island Fox, Sun Glo Fox and the Arctic Marble Cross Fox.

Palette de couleurs des fourrures de renard Saga Furs

Fox at Saga Furs

C) Saga Mink colours

As with the fox, the mink also has an array of different colours with no fewer than 18 different types! Firstly, the blacks and browns are found on the Scanblack, Mahogany, Scanbrown, Scanglow and Pastel minks. Next, the lighter and darker greys are found on the Violet, Sapphire and Silverblue minks. Also, there are the lighter and darker variations of the black and white blends, namely the Sapphire Cross, Silver Cross, Black Cross and Jaguar (which is white with black spots). Moving on to the white and beige colours which are found on the Pearl, White, Palomino Cross, Pearl Cross and Palomino minks. Finally coming to a certain particular shade, Iris Blue (a purple/ grey colour).

Palette de couleurs des fourrures de vison Saga Furs

Mink at Saga Furs

It is interesting to note that the classification of colours for the astrakhan is currently being updated on a daily basis.