Is there a difference between long-haired fur and short-haired fur ?

Real fur is primarily made up of down and gander; the ganders are the longest hairs which you would find on the outside. Down of fur, are the hairs that are closest to the skin, they are shorter than and found below their gander counterparts. Each item of fur clothing is made unique by the fact that the length of these hairs is not uniform.

Natural fur comprises of several lengths of hair and includes a variety of different colours. These shades can be obtained naturally or through various design techniques.

What are short hairs and long hairs?

A long-haired fur and a short-haired fur can be obtained depending on the type of animal; sometimes the fur is shaved to get shorter bristles to give more character and more charm to the material, this also gives the colour more uniformity.

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Shaved black mink jacket

In addition, in comparison with a fake fur coat, real fur proves to be much softer and silkier. To test this out, if you were to feel the fur and the bristles flow gently between your fingers without getting caught, then you know that this is real fur.

Does hair length play a part in the thermal capacity of fur?

The length of the fur has no relation to its thermal capacity. The fox has long-haired fur and the mink has shirt-haired fur yet if you were to buy a mink fur coat or jacket, you would be just as warm as if you were to buy a fox fur coat or jacket.


Silver Fox jacket

It is the density of the fur down which plays the biggest role with regards to its thermal capacity. In other words, the denser the fur, the warmer you will be. Chinchilla fur for example has 60 to 80 bristles per hair follicle which allows it to effectively protect itself from the cold.


Mink coat

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