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How to combine pleasure and advantage

Private-furs is born from the desire to share our knowledge of a wonderful world, the world of luxury furs. For this reason we have created the first website specialized in the sale of top range furs and its derivatives. offering models from latest collections...

Our knowledge of this specific market today allows us to offer you products from the latest collections. You thus get items at the forefront of fashion, following the latest trends in design, material and colour. quality products...

In addition to our sales presented for a limited period, the furs you will find in our catalogue benefit, in their vast majority, from the biggest international quality labels :
Saga Furs®, American Legend®, Blackglama®, Nafa®, Kopenhagen Fur®, and many others!). incredibly competitive prices !

Our agreement with our furrier partners from Europe and North America allow us to make you benefit from prices simply exceptional … but beware each of our products is unique...

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