Zones of Delivery delivers in the following countries :

- France (including Corsica), Monaco, Guadeloupe and Martinique

- Germany (Except Busingen and the Island of Helgoland)

- Algeria

- Andorra

- Austria

- Belgium

- Bulgaria

- Denmark (Except Greenland, Faroe Islands)

- Spain (Except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

- Estonia

- Finland (Except the Aland Islands)

- Greece (except Mount Athos and Cyprus)

- Hungary

- Italy (Except city of the Vatican and St Marin)

- Ireland

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- Luxembourg

- Marocco

- Norway

- The Netherlands

- Poland

- Portugal

- Czech Republic

- Romania

- Saoudi Arabia

- Tunisia

- United Arab Emirates (EAU)

- United Kingdom and the Island of Man (Except Gibraltar and the islands Anglo Normans)

- Slovakia

- Slovenia 

- Sweden

- Switzerland

We also deliver to Russia, Canada and the United States (we kindly ask you to get into contact with our customer service to know the procedure).

If we send your parcel in a European country (EU) except France, the rate of applicable VAT will be the VAT in force in the country which sends the goods. The rate will appear during the validation of your address of delivery.  On the other hand, if your order is to be send to Switzerland, Russia or Norway, the price is net of tax. In this case, your order can be subjected to customs duties and additional levies. The responsibility for the latter falls to you during the delivery of your parcel.
To have additional information, you must get information near the proper authorities of the country of delivery.


Follow-up of Delivery

DELIVERY BY SO COLISSIMO ( France including Corsica, Monaco).

Your order will be shipped by SO Colissimo (for orders of less than 300 Euros). To follow the state of your delivery, click on "My Account" >" My purchases" > "My orders" then click on the shipping number.
The information is updated 24h00 after So Colissimo has registered the number of the parcel.



Your order will be shipped by TNT (for orders exceeding 250 Euros). To follow the state of your delivery, click on "My Account" >" My purchases" > "My orders" then click on the shipping number.
The information is immediately updated once the parcel is registered by TNT.



Problems of Delivery

TRANSPORT BY SO COLISSIMO (in France , Corsica or Monaco).

Should you be absent, a note is left in your letter-box. You have approximately fifteen days to withdraw your parcel in your post office. (more information on



You have two possibilities:  


a ) Should you be absent , your parcel will be delivered in a center "Relay Parcel": You have ten days  to collect it (the list of centers on:
If you cannot withdraw your parcel, you can ask a person to pick it up with your written and signed authorization together with the note left by the TNT driver plus his identity papers.


b) You can reprogram a delivery to your address : Appointment will be scheduled directly on Enter your shipping tracking number and program a new delivery date up to 10 days after the initial date of delivery.



TNT  contacts you beforehand. But, should you be absent an email of information will be sent to you by TNT. You have fourteen days to withdraw your parcel in your nearest TNT center (list of centers  on



Damaged Parcels

Damaged parcel (traces of opening and/or deterioration) must be refused.  Upon reception of your parcel, if you notice that it is damaged, you must emit, precise reservations, written and justified on the delivery order in the presence of the driver.  If the damaged parcel is delivered without complaints, it will be considered as “accepted”. Imperatively issue precise reserves at the very moment of the reception, otherwise we will not be able to take into account any of your request. 



Delivery Schedules

The delivery time is clearly indicated in your order before validation. For private sales, we receive the item within 15 days once the sale is over. We shall then immediately send it to you by our carrier and keep you informed of the date of your delivery. Is case of delay, you will be informed by email of the new estimated time of delivery



Expenses of Delivery

Our expenses of delivery include carriage and treatment of costs for orders. They are calculated according to the weight , volume and the country of destination. 

You are informed of the tariff during the payment before the validation of your order.


We offer you free delivery from € 500 purchase (s) in France including Corsica and Monaco.